Superintendent Robert McKee, Jr.


Pastor Robert McKee, Jr. was born in Detroit, Michigan to Mr. & Mrs. Robert McKee, Sr. His education was in the Catholic school system and after graduation, he attended Northwood Institute in Midland, MI. In his youth, he was raised in the Catholic church assisting the priest as an altar boy, having aspirations to later work in the priesthood. In his teens, he became disillusioned with the Catholic church and stopped attending.


In 1979, he was reconnected with his future wife, First Lady J. Tychinna McKee. At that time, she introduced him to the Lord. Because of his openness to receive, God filled the void in his life and saved his soul, his life and within months gave him a wife. After the Lord saved him, he knew he needed a church home so that he could continue to grow. In a dream, the Lord showed him a church that he wanted him to be connected with. He joined Greater Love Tabernacle, Church of God in Christ, under the leadership of Bishop William (Dad) Rimson.


When he joined GLT, he was wearing 2 hearing aids because there was damage to his ears because of a high fever as a child. During a power packed, holy ghost filled service, the Lord filled Pastor McKee with the Holy Ghost and unbeknown to him, both hearing aids came out. It was only after he was on him way home, that he realized he was hearing things clearly and he didn't have his hearing aids in. (God Still Works Miracles).


He was called to the ministry in 1981 and preached his trial sermon in 1982. He served faithfully at Greater Love Tabernacle for 14 years under the leadership of the late Bishop William Rimson and Bishop Clifford C. Dunlap until the Lord called him out to pastor October 31, 1993. He was ordained under the late Bishop C. L. Anderson, Jr., and served under both he and the late Bishop Walter E. Bogan. Sr., Great Lakes and Great Lakes First Jurisdiction where he currently serves as Superintendent of the Praise District. The Lord led Pastor McKee to a building in Livonia, MI, which is our current location. God has continued to show His favor by adding families to the ministry.